What risks are your assets generating?

  • Undefined Maintenance and Reliability Strategy
  • Decreasing Mechanical Availability
  • Disconnected Maintenance and Reliability Work Processes
  • Executing Reactive Maintenance
  • Increased Failures on Critical Equipment
  • Undeveloped Asset Care Plans
  • Lacking Floor-Level Equipment Ownership
  • Missing Critical Spares and Parts
  • Under-Utilizing Functionality of the CMMS
  • Untrained Personnel in Reliability Practices

The performance of your assets presents risks to your business goals throughout its life-cycle

Building in reliability and maintainability during capital execution means dependable and lower cost performance over the assets’ life-cycle. However, many capital design processes are disconnected from the inputs needed for reliable operation. We can show you the methods to bridge this gap.

Engineering, Operations, and Maintenance must be integrated through work processes to deliver uptime

The development, continual improvement, and delivery of asset care depends on the integration of work processes. We can build an evaluation of their alignment and methods to bring them together and achieve plant goals.

Designing effective equipment care strategies, and executing them efficiently, avoids failure

Equipment care strategies for critical assets need to be comprehensive with preventative and predictive care. Many plant sites are missing care for critical assets, use too much preventative work, or don’t use the latest condition-based technologies. We can design your equipment care strategies based on Reliability-Centered Maintenance methodologies and industry best practices.

Maintenance and Operations working together to detect failure can achieve higher uptime and lower operating costs

Operator ownership of your assets is vital to safety and reliability. It is also the most difficult culture to develop. We can provide you with the path and practices to gain Operations’ commitment.

Reaching productivity and cost goals starts with vision, strategy, and teamwork

Corporate vision and strategy drive success. Yet only a few owners express or document a reliability plan for their organization. We can evaluate your current vision and strategy, or help you to create one as the first step of your journey.

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