Reliability and Strategy and Implementation Consultancy (RSIC) is a consulting service, designing life-cycle asset care strategies and delivering maintenance practices aimed at achieving manufacturing productivity and cost performance targets in the asset-intensive discrete and continuous process industries.

Recognize some of the reasons why your site may not be meeting cost and productivity goals.

  • Accepting Critical Equipment Failures
  • Performing High Levels of Reactive Maintenance
  • Relying on Preventative Maintenance
  • Missing Critical Asset Care Tasks
  • Focusing Operators Solely on Production
  • Lacking Recognition of the Early signs of Failure
  • Experiencing the Same Equipment Failures
  • Lacking Critical Parts and Spares
  • Changing Maintenance Schedules
  • Underutilizing your CMMS
  • Believing your Equipment and Work Performance is Best In-Class
  • Misusing and the lack of training of Reliability Professionals

RSIC can eliminate many of these reasons through solutions that enable you to achieve your business goals!

Given our current reality, we are offering free short (30-45 min.) ZOOM-based teleconference presentations with your staff on the following topics:

  1. Improve schedule compliance through maximizing personnel effectiveness by leveraging criticality across Maintenance and Operations work processes
  2. Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through converting ineffective PM’s to daily Maintenance and Operations Line Inspections
  3. Reduce equipment failures through the analysis of Maintenance work orders and the revision of asset care plans
  4. Justify Maintenance budgets based on delivering value-added results and away from being viewed as a cost center to the site.
  5. Improve Mean Time Between Failure and Repair through optimizing Storeroom practices and inventory

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